New Toy of the Month – a remote temperature gun

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Another busy day. Off to get some pallets for the grand bonfire that I’m going to have on Saturday at our allotment and I’m looking forward to it very much. Let’s hope it doesn’t rain. This is a twice a year fire getting rid of all the wood and unwanted greenery.

I treated myself to a non-contact Digital Laser Infrared thermometer. I am going to use it for measuring the temperature of the bonfire. A temperature of 500 degrees C from the wood will incinerate the greenery which is mostly water. The gun measures all sorts of things e.g. the deep freeze, the temperature of soup, anything you like. It is instant and accurate. Well, you would expect that with a laser.

The unwrapping of the chicanery and trickery of the US election is proceeding at a  greater and greater pace as more revelations come out. Joe Biden still thinks he is going to win but I think Trump will be shown to have won. I’ll give it about a week for the whole thing to roll through. I hope so for if Joe Biden wins he will lock down everyone in the USA and bring on the New World Order via the Grand Reset in the twinkling of an eye.

The visitor stats from my COVID site are very low – about 100 page hits a day –  and I have finally found someone who may be able to help. 100 per day (apparently) is not nearly enough to do justice to the site of the quality that I have created. We have about 3,500 entries in an historical record so that will be of use to someone.

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