People falling off the wagon – what can you do?

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But first, for your amusement, a cartoon….

Today I took a delivery of wood chips for the allotment and I noticed that the person who sold it to me was not his  usual cheerful self. He was wearing a mask. The problem to me was that he had a different look in his eyes, almost fearful. He spoke about the mask and said that he tried to wear it on all occasions. I began to get some idea of the price he was paying for this Covid debacle.

There comes a point when someone has been taken over by fear and at that point there is very little you can do because they will not listen to you on a rational level. And yes I do like the person concerned and I was thinking how to raise the subject without making him angry or even more frightened.

I thought that if I said that the average age of someone dying of covid was 80, and that the number of so called infections in this part of the world, Somerset, with virtually zero. Would that help. Anyway, I didn’t really have time to develop the subject because he was with someone else and they were at the end of a working day so I must pick my time.

Good news later — The person concerned wrote back to me saying “just out of curiosity, where did you get your information from ?” I was then able to take advantage of the chink in the door and write back to him recommending a video which I said would put his mind to rest.

I spoke to another friend today who had withdrawn from the day to day news on president trump and the usual stories of the day. He found himself taking refuge in nature and just generally switching off. He said that the war between us and the powerful people in the background would lead nowhere so could we perhaps consider a conciliatory stance. We are understanding where they are coming from but maybe there’s another way of solving the problem.

The effect of this continual gas-lighting is having a terrible effect on the population in their freedom of mind. I was delivering green rubbish to the recycle and this fellow re-cycler danced around me keeping 6 feet away and took no notice of my jokes on the subject.

I can’t say anything remarkable has happened in the last days since I wrote my diary. We had a very happy COVID  zoom meeting last night with about a dozen of us. Many of us are feeling the strain of world events and so we ended the zoom session by Francoise playing a Tibetan bowl.

Every day without a problem is a bonus so far as I’m concerned but we all have our burden to share and my solution is to strike a balance between sitting in front of the computer and watching entertaining TV, and I don’t mean terrestrial television, I mean television programmes that illustrate life as it is lived in various parts of the world prior to this so called pandemic.



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