Off to Plymouth – in the rain

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Weather forecast in such a small land mass is a very difficult task evening with super computers so although the weather for the weekend was showing to be good we had to endure a couple of hours of rain storms on the way, so be it.

We stopped off at a long standing friend’s who is it diagnostician and presenter of new methods of looking at the body and had a wonderful couple of hours with her before moving on to our hotel on the east side of Plymouth.  I like Premier Inn hotels because they are all run the same way – to a good standard. We will have to put up with breakfast served at our table instead of the buffet which I so much love but that was a small price to pay.

I also like the very comfortable beds. Unfortunately the fan was a bit loud so we had to ask housekeeping to come and turn it off though the price for that was that you need to leave the back window open which was exposed to the noise from what I can describe as the busiest junction in the South West, busy night and day with trucks and cars.

I don’t want to be rude to the residents of this town, bombed to pieces in the Second World war, but it’s one of the ugliest towns I can recall. The centre is functional enough but there are too many featureless concrete buildings sitting there doing nothing apart from serving their purpose.

We were taken on a brief journey by our host and saw the testimony to our great naval history particularly in the wars.

A huge memorial commemorating 22,000 serving troops who died in the war.

One of the inlets of Plymouth but not the harbour as such.

We then went off to visit a tattoo parlour run by my friend at which his two sons work.  These guys are totally in to art as well and here are some examples of their works for sale. (apart from the tattoo part which I did not feel comfortable photographing while the client was in the chair))

We ended the evening in Totnes sitting round a fire with 20 or so like minded souls talking about the world, 5G, COVID, campaigning etc. Totness is a little gem, a bit like Glastonbury, with its own distinctive style.

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