A day to re-constitute my mind


Agorism is a social philosophy that advocates creating a society in which all relations between people are voluntary exchanges by means of counter-economics, engaging with aspects of nonviolent revolution.

I know it’s a strange word but it does summer exactly what I want to attain. I think we have to become independent of the financial system as far as we can.

Today we went to a talk by a prepper, who has lived off the hand and off grid for the past 17 years.  Just imagine if the power were to go off. What would you do?  No central heating, after a time no water, the loos w0uld back up. It is too late to start preparing when all the shops are closed and you are in a state of panic.

It is a blissful state to be in an environment where everyone is on the same wavelength. Maybe when all this nonsense is over this could happen.