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I went to a podiatrist this afternoon to find out why my toes were showing signs of infection. The helpful lady told me that this was due to bad circulation and there was nothing much I could do about it. Prior to my entry into the clinic I heard her say to a client that she thinks they may be locked down in the new year. When I saw her, bearing in mind my experience with COVID, I said to her that I thought lockdown was unlikely. She said that as a sole trader she was able to continue working but ‘this has gone on for a year now and we’ve had enough of it’. I think that mirrors the opinion of many people certainly in the United Kingdom.

I then returned home  to see that our Minister of Health has decided, without giving any evidence, that there is now a new variant and we might have to lock down even more in the new year. I wish these people would stop lying. They are buying time so that everyone can be vaccinated.  I read that the richest people in the world have accumulated an extra trillion dollars. People are still at the stage of thinking “they wouldn’t do that would they”. The  answer is that yes they would because they are psychopaths and eugenicists so  they really don’t care.

In spite of everything, there has been some wonderful energies around and I think it’s due to a very rare astrological configuration. There is little comfort in the contemplation of the world as it is and our only recourse is to look up at the spiritual dimensions which has no boundaries.

Last evening I had a very enjoyable zoom group with a group of people who were concerned about the effect of masts with regard to 5 G. I made a good acquaintance with a chap called David who is similarly interested in the accumulation of data. We did speak afterwards and agreed to meet since we had so much in common. I spoke to an old friend of mine who thought that the coming times would separate the wheat from the chaff and remove people – either physically or certainly spiritually – who have not faced what is actually going on. I think this is a test of character, all this stuff.  It could have been one thing it could or another but I note that record numbers of people are waking up which is always good.

Good vs. Evil.  I like it. No sugar coating here.

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