A ghastly Christmas card

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I thought I had seen it all. This is a Christian card or I suppose it is. I cannot describe in how many ways this is in bad taste. I wont say who sent the card.

We had an idea today that if the winter is severe and there are power cuts we would offer our bungalow as a ‘day centre’ as gas central heating would not work so our log fire would come into its own. Some would not come due to fears of COVID but anyway the offer will be there.

This evening our ZOOM meeting, the last but one before Christmas, or what is left of it when Boris Johnson Matt Hancock have misinformed us about what is dangerous contact-wise. Louis Pasteur has a lot to answer for.

We are a jolly bunch on the group. This was our 30th meeting and during the time our friendships have deepened and we have come to know and respect the other’s point of view.

Yesterday Francoise went to a trade shopping centre and came home with a mountain of the obligatory toilet paper, restaurant size containers of olives, rice etc.  It may have been a Costco equivalent, I suspect Booker Wholesale cash and carry, Trowbridge. Francoise was not a member so had to go with a friend and use her ticket. You are supposed to be a business person to qualify to shop.

On another note no pun intended enjoy this lovely recording of a 93 year old lady singing a song of praise. She is younger than some half her age.

I feel so sorry for the pubs and restaurants that have stocked up for Christmas only to be told at a couple of days notice that they will have to close or only served takeaways. This is in tier 3, London, and mercifully not where we live in Somerset.

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