A priest actually giving a homily on The Great Reset

I was just surfing Youtube as one does, and low and behold I come across Fr. Robert Altier giving a homily ‘God or the Great Reset — there is no middle ground‘. There is a link to the video here. I give 100% creds to someone who speaks the truth and even has the temerity to criticize the Vatican. 60-70% faith in God is not enough. it has to be 100%. He is clearly controversial within his church of St Raphael in Crystal (Minnesota). He attracted the attention of his Bishop. See link here.

We are all going to be severely tested particularly during 2021 which will make 2020 seem like a picnic by comparison.

Today I look my blood pressure. It was a ridiculously high 191/110. I phoned the doctor who told me that its not the heart that is at fault but the associated worry and stress which translates into the readings.  I did another reading later on this time using my right arm and it was down to 127/83

Today marks the start of my reflective Christmas. In the outside world, any moment now I expect to hear that the latest batch of bad science decrees that we must all go on tier 4. Poor Londoners. I believe London is like a ghost town. Poor truck drivers waiting to go through Dover. My wife and myself  on the other hand don’t have much to be troubled about – for now.  Shortages of supplies will eventually seep through the food chain.

In the coming week or so I shall be reading more, learning about how to use Facebook and LinkedIn to publicize my businesses, and looking forwarding to visiting some new friends in Combe Martin, North Devon. My diary is blank until the first working week of 2021 so there will be plenty of time. At times like this you cant expect the world to entertain you but you have to dig within and find your own resources.  I thank God for my lonely childhood as I had to learn independence at an early age.

So, instead of upwards and onwards, it will be inwards and possibly backwards as I revisit my old experiences and see how my present life shows that I have learned from them.