A new year – the second day

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I watched briefly for two minutes BBC1 TV hoping to see something more than Jules Holland. Instead there was a firework display and God help us even this had been turned into a propaganda exercise for the Government. Blazoned across the sky was talk of the wonderful NHS, how we are ‘in this together’ and probably more had I not chosen to switch off.

I hear a new strain is staled to appear in February, COVID 21 which amazingly is more virulent than covid 19 and which will give a further excuse to lock all is asymptomatic carriers down in our homes.

Today I devoted some of my time to sorting through old papers.  I started a venture called Europeople in 1992 to encourage European minded people to meet and talk together in their preferred languages. Here is an advert in The Big Issue of that date.

This morning was bright and frosty so we went to the allotment to pick some leeks. On one of the plots I found a partly frozen pail of water and on impulse squeezed the ice out of the pail. To my surprise it made an excellent hat which I immediately wore.

It is quite clear that unless the World wakes up we are going to have more of the same Lockdown chaos. My guess is it wont be lifted until Easter, then the sheep will give thanks to the Govt for giving back what they took away.

COVID enthusiasts please note – my entries on my site are increasing exponentially.  If you want to know more about for example masks, lockdowns, the vaccine itself, use the filters or just put a word or phrase into the search box.

My stomach has returned to some semblance of normality. If my last meal is finished by 3 PM and I don’t eat anything else then my stomach is fine but for some reason it cannot digest anything after about 6 o’clock. I have no idea why.

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