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We left last Friday to see a group of kindred spirits living in a communal house in North Devon. I was able to do some psychic readings on Saturday and Sunday and a talk on the Saturday night which was apparently well received. The talk was about attitudes to one to one counselling and I was suggesting that the environment plays a very important part in the reach of trust towards the therapist by a client who may have issues with trust and self confidence. I proposed that weather permitting, the client and the therapist could sit in nature by a live log fire and chat together and with the fire as a non-threatening third party.

We stayed on the north coast  past Minehead. It is such a privilege to be with people on the same wavelength away from all the fear and blindness that assails the mask wearing  unaware. We walked on the Downs Way amidst rain fog and wind but it was all part of nature and we took it in our stride. No question, the weather at 1000 feet is more severe that at ‘street level’.

Journey time was 2.5 hours each way. We were slightly affeared that during the lock down we would be accosted by the police asking what we were doing but in the event there was not a police car to be seen.

Back home, yet more restrictions – more fear-makers.  The only thing we have is each other. The ‘Government’ is a dim and distant alien force who care nothing for us.  Dark, cold and rainy weather does not achieve much for our spirits so we have to make our own bubbles of happiness. It is easier for me as I have a supporting partner but for those who live alone, more resources are required. I can see this ‘darkness’ going on until Easter and then – guess what – another virus or talk of a virus will magically appear and take us further into alienation and powerlessness.

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