No, my diary writing skills have not diminished


So much is happening. The rate of scandal / repression / discrimination / crookery is increasing by the day. How much more punishment does the world have to take before people start thinking and claiming their God given power.

There are very few people in our neck of the woods (Somerset, UK)  who are NOT afraid. Just count the masks.  Survival and the retention of integrity is the name of the game, and must be so especially as the lockdown is no doubt going to continue for some time.

To the sodden allotment where recent rains provide little more than a mud-slide. However, the whole looks good for the time of year.

Days disappear into each other. I have to think twice what day it is.

I have redone my website which offers to help folk who are stuck and in distress. You can have a look at it here. I found a young lady from Poland who does a good job of site maintenance for a very reasonable hourly rate.