Low tide – the ups and downs of human nature


I wrote to my sister telling her about covid and my work. She responded saying that it is all in God’s hands and that He will triumph; she did not want to go down the route of discussing or arguing. I wrote back saying that my covid site was for research and information and that people can make up their own minds. I don’t think we should be conversing again on the topic.

Some days I feel just plain flat. Francoise came back from Frome to report that there was virtually no one in the town centre except for those shopping for food. this is the plan of the new world order to disempower us as a prelude to a Marxist/communist take over.  The public think that somehow, things will get back to normal. In the absence of a rebellion, I cannot see this happening. I wont say it is depressing, just sobering.

Today has been strangely peaceful, nay flat. Francoise went out to have a massage and to meet a friend and I was remaining at home doing my usual entries of the latest information about Covid and 5 G. Monday is a slow day for news. It will come in this evening and then go on through the week until Saturday.

I’ve just been watching a fascinating film showing how the pyramids are much more than simple tombs, about 10,000 years ago,  and that many similar structures around the world have a large set of underground structures beneath them. It is suggested that the Annanuki gave inspiration about the transmission of energy both to Nikola Tesla and to the builders of the pyramids. If anyone wants to watch it, see here.

I have just noticed that with YouTube it is possible to search by voice for videos. For years I have ignored the small microphone button to the right of the search bar.  Maybe it has just appeared but in any case it is very useful and has intelligence of its own, figuring out what you are saying and making the best guess.

I cannot draw a lot of inspiration from what is going out on the media. I did watch the ITV good morning program to notice that Piers Morgan is castigating a poor unfortunate person by seeking out the lowest common denominator  and focusing on that and calling them daft. I do not know why anyone goes on this program because they know what will happen if they disagree with the mighty Piers.

Just been watching a series entitled ‘The Greater Reset’.   Did you know that when you buy a smart car, phone …. smart anything…. you are buying into a system. SMART is an acronym


That’s where we are going, folks.

Off to slump in front of the TV, with lovely crackling log fire to boot.