The day I met an expert on toothpaste (yes, really)

So off to have my stomach ultrasound scanned at RUH, Bath. Members of the staff are fussing about masks. I got on and put it on (no choice here) . I was told three times to cover up my nose. I basically ignored them. Do they want a 20 minute lecture when they would not listen anyway. I don’t have the time or energy. They will lose their jobs if they don’t obey orders.

The one thing that lightens me up is the ever-changing art display along the corridors.

a wild animal, strangely out of place and looking lonely
three girls having fun
a whole family having fun. Where are they looking I wonder

On my return home I popped in to a chemist in Peasedown St John. I am having some hot/cold problems with my teeth though my dentist tells me there are no caries. Maybe its the gums.  Anyway, this very obliging lady behind the counter brightened up when I asked about toothpaste. Evidently during a boring period she had decided to do some research comparing toothpaste brands.

Evidently there is a maximum amount of fluoride that can be in toothpaste – 1450 parts per million. The expensive ‘fluoride added’ toothpastes contain just the same as the Colgate toothpastes costing just over one pound. I do not do fluoride anyway. It is used to calm prisoners down and occludes the pineal gland.