Just finished my 10th ZOOM meeting this week

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Slowly but surely I am adapting to life without many real social contacts. I guess we have to survive to live but whether it is a good thing is questionable. Am I over adapting? I look forward to the meetings and each have a different flavour.

Today’s was about lockdown – if the benefits outweigh the costs. Others were on covid (my regular ZOOM meeting), one on consciousness and spirituality, two on 5G, one on how to engage with people who are frightened of a particular topic, one was my local Christian Men’s group and then our local Church group led by the one and only Adam.

Having said all that, you cant beat a good hold-fashioned hug.

I very seldom include a video but this one ‘talks to me’  She discusses everything spiritual, alien, off planet and makes references to children who are born into this life with an understanding of what ‘reality’ is and more importantly are shielded by their parents so that it is safe to be different.

She is recognized internationally as one of Australia’s leading researchers in the UFO and Contact phenomenon. She is an author, She has produced 2 EBE award-winning documentaries, She is a national and international lecturer and has appeared regularly on national and international media news programs. Mary’s website is https://www.alienlady.com/

The video I am talking about is here.

I watch many videos. Some I endure, some get my attention, some enthrall me and imprint themselves. Same with books.  Amazon kindly allow you to return a book within 30 days for a refund the extent depending on your reason for the return. In my time I have bought about 100 books but returned maybe half a dozen.

The darkness of the night is intense and the wind blowing cold. We have been cheated out of the promised snow which is persistently sticking to the east of England. Rain will be coming from the west.

I heard rumors that the lockdown will be lifted in time for Easter. Even our obtuse and compromised Government are realizing that if they don’t open soon there will not be a viable country to continue. On Monday incoming travelers will have the privilege of paying about £1500 for ten days quarantine – tests included (wonderful) at a designated hotel. How to ruin the travel economy in one single step. Does ignorance and fear know no bounds. Clearly not.

I am taking more refuge in music. Spotify has its benefits. I put up with ads. I love Ravel’s String Quartet. It makes me nostalgic.  Still no news-watching. Such depressing propaganda I do not wish for.

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