The Christian attitude to becoming vaccinated

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Last night I attended a ZOOM meeting. The conversation was slated to be on covid.  After the usual gay banter we got down to it. I told the 12 attendees that I had a covid web site and gave a demo of what it contained. I had organised a private page on my site so people could input whatever they felt was appropriate without the general public seeing it.

I led a discussion on how we change people’s mind or how we influence others. This elicited one or two comments. Then everyone split up into groups of four. ZOOM calls them ‘breakout rooms’ and I left them alone for 25 minutes. I could have joined in one of them but I decided they would be more spontaneous left to their own devices. At the end of the time we reconvened.

What followed was to me a demoralizing episode. The Christians’ attitude in the room was ‘God is in Charge’. I do not disagree with this in principle but a glance at what is actually going on would be a good idea.  There was no questioning of the ‘vaccine’ or the ethics of taking it or recommending it.  One person said that not taking the vaccine would be tantamount to not loving one’s neighbor presumably because I would infect them. Funny, the manufacturers do not claim that the vaccine changes transmission rates.

I told them that the whole was far too complicated to tell at one sitting, and the happenings before 2010 would take a whole evening but no one responded or blinked an eye.

It was clear that conformity was a solid wall around a castle.

I was asked to sum up, and I quickly realised that if I told them even one fact for example ‘the vaccine is not a vaccine within the accepted definition of the word’ I would lose everyone.   Eventually, all I said was that my site attempts to reflect all views and I preferred to be a referee rather than a player. Even this produced its own suspicion. One asked me how I filter out the fake news. I could have said that the BBC is the biggest fake news producer of all time.( If the BBC had investigated the truth there would be no ‘pandemic’ in the UK and the country would not be in the broken state that it is now).

My attitude is that I have done my duty of care. I made some recommendations of what to start reading – three Christian doctors and researchers whose opinion I trust.   I felt that the group were acting like hypnotized subjects. I have nothing against them as people and we are a jolly and communicative crowd. However,  fear can do strange things to the human psychology.

It was a sad evening as I have to keep my mouth shut on certain matters or remove myself from the group.

I read a most interesting and relevant article about the power of thoughts. I commend it to everyone who is assailed by negative thoughts and thinking. Here it is.

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