Evidence of Roman occupation on a local walk

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I have got to hand it to the Romans. They infiltrated in so many countries and so many places. Through some amazing bush telegraph they came to Somerset and mined for tin and lead. I wonder how it worked speaking to people in Latin.

We went to a wood, camera at the ready, to record whatever we came across.  Today Good Friday was cold but very bright which gave us a chance for some great photography. Unfortunately they did not come out to my satisfaction but suffice to say that we found plenty of lead slugs and the equivalent of dross. The Romans were amazingly productive.

a few days later….

I have not  been active on the diary for about a week. I find that my routine of adding to my web site, ZOOM meetings, the occasional telephone chat, keeps me going but not over stimulated. I resort to sitting in front of a live fire with Francoise whilst watching TV or reading.

This morning we had a meeting of our Christian Mens Group. In a relaxed surrounding it is interesting that more personal facts and opinions come out. We were discussing the history and the politics of our group. We decided the way forward was to see how we could serve people without attaching the world ‘Christian’ in the first instance. We felt that the jump from a secular society to a Christian stance was too much. We felt we should offer a neutral welcome and offer of fellowship in a neutral mode for example advertising a ramble or a children’s care group.

The act of getting together in a fellowship it in itself a catalyst. We spent about 90 minute in my front room talking of this and that, and at the end we had moved forward an understanding without having ‘tried’ to do so.

This is the way to go. Synchronicity and empathy cannot be rushed or engineered.

Health-wise we are generally OK but are suffering from a lack of sleep. Maybe more exercise and fresh air will do the trick.

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