Good value at Lidl for £1.50

Although I am fairly well off compared with some, I still enjoy a bargain. Lidl has this great community idea to offer a good deal of miscellaneous items of food. They prepare a number of boxes of fresh vegetables etc and leave them around the till area. People can them help themselves. All the boxes have different contents.

You can see 3.5 kg of oranges and satsumas, 2 large onions, 3 large swedes, 1Kg tomatoes, some onions that I cant remember the name of but there are about 15 of them.

It is a question of first come first served.  There are no restrictions.  it is advisable to come earlier in the day for the best choice.

Finally the weather is warmer and the sun shines from a clear blue sky. Yesterday I had a friend who traveled down from Warrington in Lancashire to Glastonbury where she was staying with a friend. She came to visit us for the day and encouraged by me started to dig into my collection of about 1,000 books.   I have spent a fortune on books over the years. I love them all and they are part of my life. I never lend books as normally you don’t get them  back.

I have been suffering from gum disease, quite difficult to distinguish from tooth decay.  I slosh around in salt water, clean my teeth more regularly, use an antiseptic mouth wash, and use my Bemer radiation kit. More of that anon.