Old Habits return – off to Cheddar Car Boot sale

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A lovely bright morning but cutting winds from the east. Unfortunately this month of April, the growing season in allotments, has been unusually dry. Anyway, Francoise and I needed to escape from our confinements and so w set off to Cheddar car boot sale.   I have written about this many times before (do a search). The car park was as full as I had ever seen it.  I always say I will buy nothing or little. This assumption always fails.

It is difficult to dress for the occasion. The sun itself is warm and in the car I was cooking. When you step outside the wind cuts in and you need all your layers. Tonight the temperature will be 2 degrees C. Francoise has to take in the young seedlings.

Anyway, at the car boot I bought

1. A doorstep slice of sponge cake for £2
2. 25 sheets of rough sand paper for £2
3. Gorilla glue for metal £3
4. An account of the first 50 years of Private Eye £ 0.50p

I went back to congratulate the lady who cooked the sponge cake. She told me that everything she uses to cook it is from the neighbourhood. The eggs are from chickens in her own garden. I could tell there were no chemicals as any contaminated food repeats on me after about 15 minutes. I was so glad to be able to say something positive to someone about the quality of their their food.

Off to the cider barn. I was so glad to se it open. It managed to be open due to an outside marquee (remember the virus cannot function outside, and even then only clicks in with groups of six or more).  The jovial owner, Jason, looked neat and well turned out. Some people can never be defeated no matter how hard the circumstances. We shall see as time progresses.

I got the first hit on my inspire-me.net site for those needing help. It was a lady who had been with me a few years ago. I wonder if depression makes it more or less likely that someone will be motivated to ask for assistance.

I am coming up to 5,000 entries on my covid-unmasked.net site.  Still not many people read it (about 400 page reads a day) but there is lots of competition from the many web sites springing up all over the world. It is really is ‘do or die’ stuff. I am glad to maintain the site as I can stay on the crest of the wave knowledge-wise. No matter how dreadful the information is, if I know what is going to happen I can somehow prepare.

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