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Having met a delightful psychic lady called Christine, one of the trustees of Chalice Well, we went to have a psychic reading. The reading was interesting but unfortunately I was afflicted by one of my more frequent stomach/digestion problems.  Such was the discomfort i had to leave the session (a first for me) and let Francoise represent me.  It seems my stomach is increasingly intolerant to Gluten, and also to any food consumed after about 5pm.  My routine will therefore be a good breakfast, and a late lunch between say 2 pm and 3pm. provided i have nothing else afterwards I will get a good night’s sleep.

Striking crimson tulips in the Palace Garden

This is a seat with the moniker “Happy to chat”. Problem is, if you sit in the middle no one can see the sign. Nice try.

Yesterday’s bargain from Lidl – £1.50 worth of vegetables and fruit. This could keep someone going for a couple of days.

Also yesterday my Covid site was mentioned on  by Alex Thomson. That coincided with my 5,000th entry on the topic since 1 August 2021.  I have 1,700 page reads which is encouraging and shows i have hopefully not wasting my time.

The weather continues to be unseasonably cold, going down to 2 degrees at night and maybe 12 degrees during the day. We were going to have a friend stay with us next weekend but what is the point if we have to sit in front of a fire rather than outside in the sun.

Without an significant growth I have no garden work.

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