Fruit and gifts (of the spirit)

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This morning was a men’s group. Today we were in a good mood telling jokes and discussing problems with our computer’s. I said that it was important for me just to be open with my feelings about what is going on at the moment and furthermore my need to feel accepted even though we might disagree.

On this occasion we were discussing the difference between gifts of the spirit and fruits of the spirit. We are all given intrinsic gifts either at birth or perhaps during our life when talents or skills  just appear. The process of converting them into actions and life-changing events is  what  is called a fruit. That is why it says in the Bible ‘a tree is known by it’s fruit.

After the meeting ended, I had a warm feeling which lasted quite a few hours and was very pleasant and comforting.

I have not decided whether I want to take an interest in gardening this year. We do need to earn some money but I would prefer to get my website for giving advice more effective.  I would rather make it through doing readings for people especially in this time of need. People are paying a heavy price for isolation and loneliness during the recent lockdown though this may change.

If there is any nerdy person listening, I became frustrated with my inbuilt text-to-speech built into my Windows 10 so did a quick search for ‘free speech-to-text’ programs, preferably one that works on the internet itself. I found a Google based one called It does work well and is about four times as fast as typing and it is free. It only works with Chrome. it is necessary to speak clearly and fairly slowly. There is a skill in watching what you are ‘typing’ as well as thinking of the next few words.

Boris Johnson has been speaking on TV since 5 p.m. Goodness knows what pantomime we will have now. He has fully sold out to the globalists and wants to ‘build back, build better’ which is a code for saying ‘destroy culture and society as it is and renew it with a communist Marxist based’ Society. It’s a pity he didn’t think to ask us first but then globalists would think that asking the actual useless Eaters is a waste of energy and what do they know anyway.

An Easy Jet plane crosses the moon in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. See SWNS copy SWCAmoon: A passenger jet ended up being silhouetted dramatically in the night sky – as it crossed perfectly across the centre of the full moon in this “once-in-a-lifetime” photo. Photographer Ralph Symth, 57, had set up his camera to photograph the once-a-year ‘snow moon’ – the name given to the full moon that occurs in February. But Ralph ended up capturing something much more rare than the annual lunar event – as he saw an aeroplane perfectly intersect the large, bright, silvery moon.

What an absolutely lovely shot. Sometimes events just go the right way and you are in the right place at the right time.

Back to my stomach. I had two pills this morning but more importantly I ate the right food so I’ve been entirely without pain today which is a great relief. I am amazed that pain in the stomach drains me altogether and I feel about 10 years older. Without the pain I am my usual mischievous self. My son who works in Thailand recommended that I have smaller meals rather than two big meals. I still tend to be greedy so this would be a good discipline for me.

I bought a 32 Mb memory stick and gave it to Francoise so that she could store large files on it without risk of loss. I paid only about 6 pounds. I remember 20-years ago that £6 would not have bought even one megabyte. How times have changed, not always for the worse.



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