An enchanting walk and a break from the computer

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Yesterday Friday we decided to have a day off and go for a walk in the country. The Mendip Times carries a monthly recommended walk which in June was to a forestry commission wood south of East Harptree here in Somerset. Apart from the fact that we got lost a couple of times the day was an absolute delight with perfect weather, not warm and even sultry with very little wind. The flowers on the the resting fields were at their best as were the grasses so it was a real transcendent experience to walk through them.

We stopped for lunch at a pub in East Harptree which was one of the best traditional pubs I have come across with a lovely garden and a beloved and looked after interior. With our drinks we had a small portion of chips which were cooked just right with fat that didn’t make me feel sick which is quite a bonus. I would have loved to stay there on a bed and breakfast basis and just enjoy the countryside in the few weeks that we can call Summer.

We ended up at my favourite country cafe and I consumed a delicious chocolate cake, a bit too delicious alas and with a coffee. We had a chat to a man who was previously a police officer about his current employment as a worker in a hostel for disturbed adults. He was a nice enough chap and said to us on two occasions that you need empathy not sympathy otherwise you lose your boundaries and you might as well walk out of the door.

Today was less pleasant but we managed to go to Frome and meet a friend for coffee in her lovely artist’s house. We then went to the market and did not buy a lot of things and saved ourselves a lot of money but spent our money in the local Lidl branch where we did our shopping for the week.

I don’t have a lot of energy for creativity because the Covid based work is building up so much. Since the 1st of August 2020 I have 6,833 relevant links to various aspects of Covid and these are sites all around the world. The future continues to look bleak, especially with so many people adopting the attitude of sheep. I just uploaded a reminder that Boris Johnson’s father Stanley wrote a novel in 1982 called The Virus about the government releasing a deadly virus into the population as a cover for population control through a forced vaccine. A complete coincidence of course. I have also published an article about bracelets which can be used to make sure you stay at home which will be introduced into the United Kingdom during 2021.

Our allotments are doing very well. The recent rains have ensured that there is a huge spurt in growth and I am seeing food items particularly rhubarb just sitting there waiting to be picked. People do not realise how quickly stuff grows.

My partner Francoise needs to get some treatment for her back which is causing problems. Our friend in Frome recommended someone in Warminster who was very good but since the practitioner has taken the jab it would not be safe for Francoise to be in close proximity to her due to viral shedding. For the delights of this I refer you to my specialist website In the next fake lockdown the unvaccinated will be blamed for future casualties and cases when in fact the opposite will be true.

Covid is a huge filter for those courageous people who can distinguish the truth from the continuous lies that we have been fed. Lose four friends, gain two new ones seems to be the rule for me at least.


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