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I have received recent correspondence from a long term friend whose husband has recently taken the ‘jab’. This is an extract from her letter to me.

Fact is – how are we going to win this war if people are not standing together? We get cyber bullying over this. My daughter had her vaccines and have thick veins showing on her legs now. My husband still has blood clots. His upper body gets warm and lower body cold, but one may not dare to say it is because of the vaccination.

He also denies it but me and my son can see the quality of his life is not the same. We can just pray that the blood of Jesus will cleanse them and run through their veins.

To which I replied:

The sooner that people realise that this is a devilish plan to get people to kill themselves the better. Vitamin C and D and zinc may do it but alas their DNA has been changed.

I do not envy doctors, scientists or anyone else in positions where covid is involved. If they speak out, they will  be censored or fired. This means that they will lose their career, their livelihood and their pension. By keeping silent they are accepting their 30 pieces of silver. No wonder, they anesthetize themselves. The problem will come this winter when the effects of the first round of vaccines will hit home i.e. lots of people will die.

Covid is a plan, a brand with a 5 year life span. Governments throughout the world including us in the UK are prolonging this by keeping the fear ramped up so the public will content again to go into ‘lockdown’, or wear masks indoors, or other nonsense. Covid is the tail, the governments are the body of the dog.  Covid has been chosen as an invisible ‘frightener’.

The phrase ‘frighten people out of their minds’ rings true. I reckon people would amputate their big toe if told that that would keep them safe. The ‘vaccine’ neither prevents infection or stops its transmission but people behave like obedient robots and do what they are told.

Here in Midsomer Norton there are very few awake people.  We know of about four. I am sure there are more around but apart from standing in a park how do you meet them.  I have sympathy for those standing up for body sovereignty who live on their own.  OK you have ZOOM meetings and social media but its not the same. Proximal contact face to face cannot be beaten. We are social animals and – by the way – part of nature.



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