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Yesterday Saturday the 30th of October we decided on an impulse to visit Bristol and see an exhibition on the history of street art. As it happens we did not make the exhibition due to it being full but we did have a chance to walk around Bristol, jumping between the showers, to see how things were.
Many more people than we expected were wearing the masks. Maybe they have just  into the Habit and see it as a security blanket. I wonder how many times people put the same mask on and off. It is more like a a virus manufacturing factory or a petri dish than anything else if you consider the the product of of the nose and mouth being confined in a small space.

The main thing I noticed was the effect of 5G go on me. I am not used to this in rural somerset. I can tell when there’s high activity as I get prickles in my head and it feels like my body is being scraped with a wire brush. We had to escape after a few hours because I couldn’t take it anymore. It brings a type of heaviness to the body that dulls the senses and makes me feel less like me. How on earth people put up with this I do not know.

We did visit an art gallery where there was a photographic exhibition. You now have to get a ticket even though the exhibition is free. This is being introduced all over the place and is all designed in my opinion to work with passports that identify everything you do do including where you go and who you meet with.

We also visited my favorite restaurant, Cosmo, which is a buffet style ‘all you can eat’ establishment where I was happy to pay £12.99 for a Saturday lunch. It was good and the service excellent. To those of you not used to a buffet situation, I recommend that frequent visits and small taster plates are the way to go. I hope the threatened lockdown does not put another spanner in the works.

With reference to be above, I wonder what sort of protection will be available for our DNA when 5G increases its hold, never mind the umpteen thousands of satellites that are blasting 5G at us 24/7. Alas there is no getting away from it.

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