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Written early January 2022

An inordinate amount of time has passed since I wrote my last entry. My wife and I are basically well but I’m affected with teeth trouble or should I say lack of them, when a couple of teeth on my top gum gave up the ghost and I have had to have a complete classical template made.

We take our teeth for granted but try eating food without them. I know someone without teeth whose gums have become so hard that he can eat any food but I don’t think I’m going to join that number just now.

Covid continues in its craziness. Boris is talking about locking down the whole country because of one or two fake variants called Omicron which by the way is an anagram of moronic. I am expecting another one in April. Covid is the code name for a five year plan of frightening others, so I expect one frightener after another until everyone has had the vaxx.

The amount of data being released each day involving covid exceeds my ability and energy to make a record of it on my covid site which in case you didn’t know is is www.covid-unmasked.net. I therefore have to pick out articles that make fresh points, or articles that give a particular new insight into the whole matter. There are no lack of them.

Fascinating that people may acknowledge that there are a number of the vaccinated who are dying and suffering from having had the so-called vaccines and then blindly go and make their booking for a booster.

Cognitive dissonance Plus. Even doctors and nurses cannot make the connection between the vaccines and the rapidly increasing deaths.

I am convinced that instead of just talking about the topic and complaining that the government are misleading people we need to  gather together in groups and actually help each other along the way by giving support.

For the last two Fridays I have had a support group at my place and we are seeing signs of growth. Last time we had seven people and the next time I hope to have a dozen.

later on 17th February 2022

I am now ready to resume my diary. I am not sure what form it will take. ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’ as they say so we will see what comes out.


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