An upcoming Funeral of a friend

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It is ages since I have been to a funeral. Six years ago I went to one such occasion, a close friend of Francoise. I did not attend the service but stood outside as we arrived late.  The mood was chatty and friendly. After we went to a wake in a local pub in Haverstock Hill. For this funeral the protocol is to wear what you feel comfortable with. I breathed a sigh of relief as i dont do suits or ties come to that.

This time, we need to go to a place near Banbury. The forecast is for rain, which is a pity as the casket will be bought out and displayed for an hour or so. I hope there is cover.  I am very tired and a bit worn out by so much data entry on my covid site ( so we will make a bit of a break out of it and stay overnight at a hotel, Day’s Inn as it happens, with a bargain rate of £33 per night. Premier Inns where we usually stay are currently £80 per night as are most other hotels.  Our hotel has no restaurant but there is one in the adjoining Service Station on the M40.

We shall visit the nearby Royal Leamington Spa Sunday morning, a town that I do not recall visiting.

This morning I met for a breakfast meeting with my men’s group.  The venue is in Wetherspoons. There were five of us. The conversation normally starts with trivia and then moves on in a manner dictated by the mood of the moment. This time I started the ball rolling by bringing up the topic of the forthcoming funeral.  We discussed the importance of closure. Ian Rousell who is the minister of the near by church of St. Peters in Westfield discussed whether it was a good idea to view the body.

He agreed with me when I said I would prefer to remember the person as they were when they were living. As I am meeting many people that I have not met for years, it will be a time for updating, plus reconciliation and closure where necessary and indeed where possible.

The ‘war’ in the Ukraine gives everyone a chance to divert from Covid and make everyone afraid about a possible forthcoming war. It’s about time people realised that we are in a war and the was is against us, the people. Klaus Schwab talks of the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’. He might as well talk of the Fourth Reich for that is what it is. The Nazis never went away; they were just exported to the USA and other countries where they continued their work.

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