World speed record in dentistry

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I have just returned from a visit to my dentist and as I type my mouth is still numb. Yesterday I had an impression taken for a lower plate. Today I went along to have it fitted and have 3 teeth removed. After a pain injection, the removal of 3 teeth plus the insertion of the new plate was 90 seconds I kid you not. My teeth were in such bad condition that two of them had holes right through. I was told off for not using fluoride toothpaste which apparently repairs some of the damage.

The universality of thought is something that Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, I can you wholeheartedly recommend this video to you as an instrument of self healing and a catalyst to realising our important part in Society.

Last Sunday we had our usual Wetherspoons Sunday breakfast – porridge and coffees £1.99 – followed by our Standing the Park meeting at 10 am as people do all over the country and for all I know all over the world. There were about 8 of us. We meet, new things to discuss. Normally at least one person turns up for the first time and they are warmly welcomed.

We then went along to Glastonbury to celebrate the the equinox in Chalice Well. As usual, there was an exceptionally good atmosphere where you could talk to anyone and be accepted for who you are. Oh that this could be extended to society in general. It is now full of Fear. Today I hear that North Somerset where I live as one of the highest levels of covid. All it means is that they have turned up the number of cycles – probably from 24 to 40 – in what is basically a fraudulent and discredited PCR test.

After that we popped into a festival of old cars at Downside Abbey which I think will become more famous as more events are arranged there.

Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. I had my first appointment of two with the dentist who took an impression. I was told I had 3 teeth which there was no hope of saving so now I have nearly a full plate at the top and will have a half plate at the bottom. Lucky to have found such a competent dentist otherwise I really don’t know in what condition my teeth would be in by now. However, I am 77 years of age, and I suppose I must make some allowances for degradation.

Later on in the day I had an endoscopy at the RUH in Bath. First of all I demanded or should I say asked for sedation but I did not realise that when the endoscope is placed via the nose rather than via the mouth the normal gag reflex is avoided. All they do is to spray your nose and throat to numb you up so it is not quite so uncomfortable. The staff were very helpful and encouraging.

At the end of the procedure which lasted about 10 minutes I got a written report from the supervising doctor together with coloured pictures of my esophagus.

I reckon to do this privately would cost me about £500 so while the health service is still in existence I proposed to take advantage of it.

Today I cleared up one of the plots that had been vacated on my allotment. On my return home I got a a very nice letter from someone who wanted an allotment. I wrote to her saying that I had prepared the allotment for her but it was not part of my conscious thinking process. I just love it when things go right timing -wise. Anyway she is viewing the allotment tomorrow and if she wants it she can have it.

It has been so pleasant to have a sunny relatively warm period pf time. The week is set to be sunny with no rain and this makes a wonderful environment for outdoor activity. I shall soon start to advertise for gardening work. I must make some preparation for the higher price of petrol, higher council tax rates and higher gas and electricity prices.

I estimate the overall increase in expenditure has got to be about £1,500, 2000 dollars to my American readers

And so we have to paddle to stay in the same place.


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