An interesting 24 hours

Last night and early this morning I was seriously questioning my ability to stay on this mortal plane. Food I had digested would not go down, I feel sick and listless without any energy. This morning I could not get out of bed and felt very cold. As I write this in the evening I’m glad to say that my spirits have been restored but it was an interesting journey.

I thought my heart was going to give up. Last Night the blood pressure reading was 210/110. This morning it had moderated somewhat to 170/91. At 8 this evening it has gone down to 158 / 82. I was on the point of thinking that I had to go to hospital but then I would be seen that as a potential covid patient because I’m the wrong age and I would have been kept there and would not have come out.

The sensitivity that I have is a good and a bad thing or should I say it has its advantages and disadvantages. I’m very sensitive to the the thoughts of others irrespective or distance. By the same token I must also at some level be aware of astrological changes not to mention the world situation. If that is combined with a need to make a change in behaviour, move forward and upward for example, then we have The Perfect Storm. The heart of course is at the centre of it. Matters of the heart not matters of the head.

An additional factor is my life style which due to my work with covid involves much sitting at the computer. Discovering new aspects of this is quite addictive but i have to manage to create at least some sort of balance between work and play.

I don’t know what was involvedĀ  but it wasn’t pleasant but now I feel like I’ve gone through some sort of barrier and I’m back to my normal form.

I came across this wonderful meme which sums up the whole problem of human nature.