The start of the Easter Bank Holiday weekend

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This is the first day of the Long bank holiday lasting from today Friday until next Monday evening. Currently the skies are clear and as you would expect the sky is blue as it normally is without clouds.  Without the atmosphere reflecting sunlight it would actually be black.

Today we met a new friend and I had the privilege of giving her a reading. We had only met one time before a few days ago and yet we were both familiar to each other, usual for those who have met in a past existence. There is no need for explanations or introductions. There is no sense of time. As a bonus she got on very well with Francoise my wife.

It was obvious that she was ready for one of my ‘psychic specials’. I have noticed over the years that if someone has given of themselves to others I am very glad to give a complementary reading to them and this was one such case. I did the usual Chakra and energy readings and the male and female ratios and I noticed that the female Reading was 4% extant. This normally means sudden trouble in earlier life.

I asked her about her mother or should I say I did a reading on her mother and found a huge disturbance which was clearly in need of healing. She became emotional and Francoise held her hand. It did not matter that the mother has passed. The so-called dead need healing just as much if not more so than the living because in a way they are helpless. I have the ability to reach then as if they were next door.

I perform energy measurements before and after doing healing and found an increase in her female element from 4% to 43% which basically meant that a dam had been broken and an unfortunate situation that had been going on for the best part of 43 years was now resolved. Using standard counseling techniques it would have probably taken hours but the beauty of healing is that things can be achieved quickly if the client is open.

I am taking four days off from my Covid reporting and researching work, which involves entries into my website. The next 4 days are days ‘for me’ not for selfish reasons but for reasons of self-regard, the opposite of being selfish. I need to pay attention to my body and the number of things that can go wrong or degrade.

Last week I put an ad in the local paper for gardening and got 3 replies. I have got two of the jobs and we’ll probably get the third. My aim is to maintain my funds at the same level which means earning enough money to pay for the council tax, water bill, car tax, electricity and gas bill, and sky TV which together comes to around £450 per month. That just over £100 p.w. which these days is not bad. These costs are relatively fixed. In addition, we need to pay for fuel which is an increasingly expensive item and also food of which I can say the same.

Age does come in to my considerations as to what I can do. I can perfectly well operate a chainsaw, and the various evil cutting instruments that I have but I have to be more careful about heights so whenever I go up a ladder I make sure someone is holding the ladder. I will also think about what I am about to do rather than rushing around too much. In other words, holding a margin of safety. There is no way I’m going to end up in hospital.

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