Day two of the bank holiday weekend (Easter)

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We had nothing on our calendar and in a strange way that turned out to the the right thing.  We arose from our bed at about 10 am and had a leisurely breakfast. Francoise fiddled around in the garden whilst I watched TV in a fairly aimless way. I notice chem-trails are active again after quite a few days of non-activity.

Lunch was a simple rice with one of these mixed tomato and spinach based sauces in a bottle which go well with anything.  We could not resist opening a bottle of bubbly to celebrate a day of peace, not rushing around to buy stuff (though Francoise went around to get some necessities in the morning).  I did not leave the house.  It must be said that the weather was actually warm, approaching 20 degrees C. The prophets of doom say there will be a return to lower temperatures later next week.

I am happy for those families who can get out and have actual recreation. It fortifies the human spirit inter alia against the next bunch of horrors that will be visited on us. I don’t think the Govt. cares one jot what we think or want. I wish the country were run by Wetherspoons. At least they would listen to us.

I find the Old Skool animated movies very stimulating. You can find them on YouTube. This is a very thought provoking example by Ram Dass.

I am not into reading especially heavy material as I am trying to give myself a day off.  This never works completely as I always think of some ‘work’ to do but I did much better than normal.

I watched some of my favorite ‘soaps’ – Police specials, Long Island Medium,   construction schemes that went wrong and even a touch of Dr. Pimple Popper.  Very little physical activity. I find that a combination of polenta (corn based) and a slice of pork puts me in a wonderfully settled state stomach-wise.

Early to bed.

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