Increase in energy bills – I knew it was coming

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Hi Brian,

Following the latest Ofgem price cap announcement and increase in our variable tariff prices from 1 April, we’ve reviewed your energy use and Direct Debit to check your monthly payments are set to the right amount. We know that many households will be under increased financial pressure so by taking action now, you can spread the cost of your energy and budget better.

Your new Direct Debit amount.

Even if you use the same amount of energy as before, it will cost you more from 1 April. To help avoid building up a debt on your account, we’ll increase your monthly Direct Debit to £144.44 from 15 May 2022.

So I knew it was going to be more. They are telling me that in spite of being careful the fixed (daily) charges are going up as well as the BTU or KWh. I wonder how many people this will push over the edge.  My old bill was £80.
So the increase is 81%

Well unless I was lucky enough to have installed solar panels where the new rates do not apply I am going to have to work a little harder. A small extra gardening job will do it each month.

Today we did our first major gardening job of the year. Clearing ivy is not romantic but pulling a strand off walls is therapeutic. I use my lawn mower as a ground cleaner which speeds things up greatly. We worked at a farm. Farmers wives are a tough breed. They have to be. It is more difficult to work profitably at farming. She told me the cost of fertilizers have gone up four times. Anyway, 7 hours work was good and in the sunshine. I felt stiff but this will reduce when my fitness increases.   It always does as the season progresses.

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