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Last night I went to a talk by the head keeper at Wells Cathedral Gardens.
Normally, a 90 minute slide show would have bored me to death but the voice of the speaker was energizing and enthusiastic so I stayed with it mentally for the duration. We were taken through the history of the cathedral since the 12th century and the modern history of the redesigning of the gardens.


It is so nice to get away from the computer (fascinating though the daily revelations are) and get out in nature. Today’s job was on the outer north westerly reaches of Radstock, on a new estate and with a lovely view of the surrounding scenery.

Our client was Stephen, a rotund man who makes wonderful milky coffee. He had recently lost his mum, and now lives in the house occupied by her.

Our job was to trim a long hedge, except that it was not a hedge but a collection of shrubs, bushes strung together.  Since they have different growing habits and structures, to trim them was quite a challenge. I find time and time again that I get energized if the client is grateful and appreciative of our labors.  At 77 years of age I am by no means ‘old’ old so I am not as strong as I was in my 40’s but I find the strength – for example to hold a long hedge cutter with a motor above my head and move it against resistance – from the garden itself.

Whilst delivering spoil to the local re-cycle I lost my glasses. How could this be? I was grasping a large stack of small branches and threw them into the skip. I was aware that I was no longer wearing my glasses.  I searched around and was eventually assisted by one of the council staff. We eventually found them. I had dropped them into a bucket between the skip itself and the stairway. What a relief. I only have one pair and the rest are so old that they are scarcely of any use.

I was stiff after 4 hours work. As the season progresses I get fitter and the stiffness disappears. This is the best form of exercise where I have to use my muscles and get paid to do so.

We returned home. I went off to feed my bank account with the takings. Unfortunately the Post Office computer was not working so my transaction could not happen.

Ah well, back tomorrow to try again.

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