Going on Strike


This morning Friday I felt like doing … absolutely nothing.  I rose at 7am, cooked a plate of baked beans and fried eggs and then found that I had no impulse to turn on my computer for my usual morning routine.

I sat for close to three hours in the living room. I made a hot water bottle for myself and covered my body with a blanket. I decided that this was the morning when I would let the world go by  and decided to read a light book. This is as near to a complete vegetable state as I can recall being in. Gradually my strength and will returned and around midday I got a burst of energy and returned to my normal self.

The weather.   Snow in Spain yesterday!  The heat of the past days has gone. it is now around 11 degrees C.  Cold wind. Not good for the allotment.

I will vegetate again this evening, this time in front of a log fire. Sad to write this at the end of April but so it is.