A day off and a lot of happy meetings with strangers

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Saturday is a day when we go out and about and leave the normal working routine behind. Nearby there is an ‘old skool’ restaurant that’s opened up. It used to be a tea room and shopping unit combined but now the shop (which sells good quality vegetables) has separated from the the restaurant and is in another building. We went in the restaurant briefly and had a look at the menu and found that what it offered it was a trifle expensive. Also the room was rather noisy so we repaired to the shop and bought a few vegetables. The chap behind the bar was the son of the owner and was called Tommy.

He is very keen on good quality food and it was a joy to speak to someone with raised consciousness, indeed who seemed to possess the full spectrum. Next time I must have a longer talk with him. I think he is a Red Pill person. It is depressing that those who have taken the vax have had their immune system compromised so are more vulnerable to first stage disease such has blood clotting and then 2nd stage diseases such as cancer. The ‘vaccination’ is a clever and evil depopulation machine – but try telling that to the vaxxed. Waste of time,

We then went to Hartley’s Kitchen for a breakfast. We had the most delicious porridge I have had for some time and I complimented the chef. He said he uses a special mixture of oats and I believe him. I complimented young lady who bought us the porridge on her very clear and simple tattoos. She had three on one hand, one was a simple little heart. It was another young member of staff their who I reckon was the son of a farmer. He has come first in many competitions well-known in the farming community and was a tall and handsome lad. It was difficult to believe he was only 17. How nice to see good manners among the young.

We then drove to the nearby Rocky Mountain Garden Centre. Being a weekend in a popular time of year the place was crowded with people including many cyclists just dropping in to the neighboring cafe.  I’m so glad to see crowds of shoppers who will hopefully make up for the months of loss of profit. Francoise found some free plastic pots as she tends to do, in order to be planted and given away at a garden fair.

Off to Wells and the market. Again, the town was crowded, we just about found a parking space which is realistically priced at £1 per hour. The centre of Wells is historical and compact, everything is within a couple of 100 meters of everything else so we went through the high street as we usually do and ended up in the market where delicious food is for sale.

At the entrance to the cathedral Gardens a man was playing classical music on a electronic piano. Francoise had previously noted some herbs that she wanted to buy so we must return on the same route.

Inside the Gardens two people were playing musical instruments one was playing a violin and the other guitar and they were singing sea Shanty type songs where you could actually hear the words. And the music was infectious and the woman next to us was dancing. I find very friendly but in the Bishops Gardens they are especially friendly and open and you can talk to anyone. It is regarded as a safe place. Whilst listening to the music I asked the woman behind me who had a dog whether the dog was interested in music and she said no, the dog was watching the children who were playing nearby.

We always try to talk to people in the garden especially as if it looks they might be there for the first time; we met two people from South Wales who were here for the day and they talked about their own allotments and the difficulties and pleasures of planting your own food. Their child was joyously eating a chocolate slice.

I met someone from my church group who said that his father-in-law died two  weeks ago and his wife who was the beneficiary was designated to be the executor. The house of the deceased is full of objects. He was a wood Carver so they were many interesting and useful tools that they are having difficulty finding someone who might be interested in taking them

We then went to a vegetarian restaurant and had a a baked potato and a healthy helping of cauliflower and vegetables.

Off to a garden centre near home. Francoise bought some wooden stakes for her roses, We then went to our local farm and bought our eggs. They are killing chickens by the million in the USA and the idea is to bring about controlled starvation; I hope this madness will not spread to the UK. Those of you that know about the Georgia Guidestones will know that the aim is to reduce the world population to 500 million in other words a 95% cull.

By about 4pm it warmed up quite a lot. We drove home and Francoise did some gardening and I sat watching TV for a bit and then I got on with my daily data entry.

Tomorrow we are off to a medieval fayre in Glastonbury so we shall not be standing in the park as we normally do as the archery competition is at 10:30 and we would like to see it.

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