A medieval day in Glastonbury

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The recipe for an enjoyable day out is lovely sunny weather, the right surroundings – in this case the historical ruins of Glastonbury Abbey, an interesting theme and a bunch of intelligent aware people as punters.
The atmosphere was free and joyful with barely a mask in sight.

There were archers’ and jousting demonstrations, plus many stands devoted to making clothes and producing food the old fashioned way. We met some friends there and casually walked around, chatting and catching up on world news.

No question, the ladies made a greater effort to dress the part than the men.

There was  a beer and cider tent where the prices were way above the ordinary but I have to say that the quality of the cider was excellent – nay sparkling.

I returned home and spoke to my son via Zoom in Krabi, Thailand. He is teaching English as a foreign language. We discussed visiting him in December. Covid rules and changing faster than you can keep track. The economy suffers when  country is difficult to enter so Thailand is freeing up the rules week by week. Unless we have another ‘frightener’ e.g. Bird Flu it looks like the regulations will be back to normal by the time I have to book. Who knows.

Trail finders apologized for the failure of their normally immaculate telephone service due to the huge increase in the numbers of people wanting to travel.  I hope that this nightmare ends soon and those responsible for this criminal folly will be arrested and given their due punishment.

I just heard from a friend that his neighbor had returned from a Spanish holiday on a cruise ship. They had both caught covid although all on the ship had been ‘fully vaxxed’. What a farce.  Who would buy a crash helmet that does not protect you in the event of an accident?

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