The North Somerset Show

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It is in Failand, somewhat South West of Bristol. We set off at 9am and soon encountered monumental traffic jams. We moved one car’s length at a time down a side lane and it took 30 minutes to reach the main road.  I decided to leave the car and walk the mile or so to the show gates. I arrived 20 minutes before the car with its two occupants.

The problem with shows is that the quality and variety of the show depends on the rental charged. There should be two rates – one for community groups and one for commercial groups.  The latter held sway. The coffee bars, Cornish pasties,  Chinese food purveyors attracted long queues throughout the day and certainly made money.  I do not know why it is a one day show when like the Bath and Best show it could have easily been three days. By giving a lower rate to community and religious groups more colour could have been included.

It costs as much in foxed costs to hold a one day show as everything has to be hired and dismantled at the end. The charge for a family was £45. For adults it was £19. So the public, the exhibitors and the trial participants have to pay. I felt that £15 would have been more acceptable.

However there was plant do do. Features included horse and dog trials, and sheep and  cow competitions. There was a noisy drag competition where tractors had to pull a heavy load. Very noisy specially built tractors (or were at one point). Farmers are a special breed. They are inevitably tall and well built and have a certain stance that means that you don’t think of messing with them.

I have a new app on my Android  phone which shows the identity codes of mobile phones in the vicinity.  It can also detect people who have been vaccinated if there are significant amounts of graphene in their system. The maximum number in the range was 161. I do not do well being blasted by microwaves at the best of time.  I mitigated this by going without shoes for the 2.5 hour duration of our visit. It certainly enabled my body to drain away some of the effects.

We left around 2pm and people were still coming in. We visited the previously written Rockaway Park and enjoyed the trip back to the 1970’s.

Home to more Lasagna and chat. I introduced my guest to Long Island Medium’ where the medium gives public demonstrations on the reality of life after death.

An early night. We went to bed at 10 pm and slept through.

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