More trouble with the neighbours

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So we turn up for day two of the Paulton job. It is a joy to do it but there is a certain lingering of the husband of the customer who died 10 years ago.

We had much to burn so started the bonfire about 11am. The wind was fickle and changed direction in an  unpredictable way.  We heard a shout over the back fence. The woman was incoherent but basically said ‘everyone has their washing hanging out and will have to put it away while you have your fire. You should have the fire after 6pm.  I retorted that the 6pm rule was a myth and that there were no fixed hours for having bonfires. Our local authority asks for reasonable consideration of others (fair enough).

My client went upstairs and said that no one had washing hanging out.   The husband of the complainant then came  round and complained again, trying to use moderate language. (my client is 82 y. old).  They had a lively discussion. My client said others complained about the activities of her grand children so why not adapt. She said that her fires were very rare.  The neighbor to our right offered to support us. The neighbor to the left is a misery, the wife as bad as the husband. The ones opposite were also unpleasant. They said they would report me to the authorities.  I invited them to do so.

It strikes me how boring and meaningless people’s lives are  that they cannot adapt to a small amount of smoke for a couple of hours. Our work was put back so we will have to resume Monday afternoon.

As on Thursday the weather was perfect, even hot, and I drank three cups of tea and then one whole pint of water. Someone said we lose a liter of water an hour during hot weather.

Back home to flop in front of the TV (I suppose it would be foolish to flop behind it). I made a wok of rice, shrimps, mixed vegetables, soy sauce and 3 eggs. It went down well though I admit I stuffed myself.

We shall finally return Monday 2pm to do the bonfire.  Not a lot of money but enough for the gas/elect bill, petrol and the Sky Internet,phone, landline bill.  I wonder what the bills will be in 2025 when they abolish landlines.

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