Saturday evening – I am tired, or is it fatigued?

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I escaped to our allotment today – anything to make a change from my four walls / computer screen. You may ask – why not walk away? The topic is so fascinating that I cannot wait to see the next chapter of the book of death. By that I mean the death of the human society through lies, bribery, evil of the utmost extreme. You think I am kidding? Watch out for the food shortages which are already hitting us but mainly intended for Africa to kill vast numbers of useless eater through starvation.

Monday morning I leave on my own to spend time with friends, the group I have known for 40 years, and relax. There are topic to be discussed which have arisen and I hope I can deal with them with equanimity.

Someone from the UK won the Euro lotto -a record £186m. If I win I have already worked out what I would do with it. I would give large amounts away and spend the rest on social change and improvement.

Yesterday was the first day of The Bath Festival which lasts a week. There were many – about 60 – musical groups of all types. The quality was variable but everyone was out enjoying themselves. A find that all food and drink is priced way over the top but hey it is an occasion and the money is well earned by those willing to take a risk.  The weather was clear if a little windy.

I went to one of the participating churches ‘St Michael Without’ which was more like a restaurant . there were easy chairs, a servery at the back offering food and drink. Yes, I could tell it was a church because there was an alter. Noisy musicians play at their peril – and the peril of the audience. There are two factors – the acoustics and the echo. Churches are designed for sacred music and for the single voice -sung or spoken.  Everything else like a jazz band is a horrible mess sound-wise.   We escaped to Queen Square and Parade gardens to listen to more music.

We parked at the Odd Down Park and Ride and bused into town. The last bus back is 00.08 so you can have a long evening if you so choose.

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