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There is a lot to be said for being quiet. I am incentivized to do this because for the third week in a row I have no car. Tomorrow my nearest garage with skilled Volvo people (Chippenham) will call me to tell me of my fate. One morning the car starts, the next morning everything is dead. I suspect the main electronic control unit. A replacement is a mere £1200  and must come from Sweden. Second hand Volvos have disappeared over the past two years. I am aware of the campaign to get rid of such monsters and replace them with hybrid or battery powered cars.

I would never have a battery car because a) to make them takes so many raw materials and energy b) when I do long runs I dont want to end up stuck c) the cost of charging is significant d) the battery is the most expensive element in  a car if it goes wrong.  I am being robbed blind by petrol tax but better the devil you know …..

Slight chance of subject – this is how crop circles are made (mostly Wiltshire, UK) by the Pleiadians and/or the Arcturians  See the link here. 

This afternoon I watched ‘the Gospel According to St Matthew’ by Pier Paolo Pasolini (1964).  2h 17m.  It is shot in black and white and has very little dialogue. The characters are very believable and I found myself becoming emotional several times.

Talk of more covid lockdowns in the autumn, more variants. What happened to our immune system. Why do they tell us that vaccinations do not prevent being infected or spreading the infection, at the same time as getting us to have more jabs.

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