Papa’s Restaurant + walking barefoot on the beach

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I have just received a wonderful video called ‘the Earthing Movie: The Remarkable Science of Grounding. It extols the benefits of walking bare footed. Running time 1:15:32

Anyway, I digress.

I cannot remember the last time I had a rock fish. I was sitting in one of Weston-super-Mare most famous fish and chip shops, how to order a large cod, when I saw the opportunity of rock and this brought back so many memories to me. The mind is an extraordinary thing. I remember the taste and feel of my previous experience and compared it with what was served. It was certainly up to the mark.

We decided that we would have a day off off. Today Saturday is the 23rd of July. I realized I needed a day away from it so we decided to travel by bus. We had no choice as my car is still in for service, We planned our route meticulously. We took the local bus 173 from Midsomer to Wells, then another bus from Wells to Weston-super-Mare. The Direct journey between the two would have taken 47 minutes by car. The journey took about two and a half hours. We were richly rewarded by the sights from the upper Deck of the double-decker buses and the difference in perspective it gives. I like looking into people’s gardens.

Weston is not the most brilliant seaside resort on the planet but I see that the Council have done their best to smarten up the town centre and the civic area with its Winter Gardens.  We were blessed with fair weather. When the tide is down it is very down extending to miles of mudflats but it was half way up, covering most of the mud but allowing us to walk along the rather decent and clean sand. Following the advice of the grounding idea above we enjoyed a long stroll along the length of the beach.

The only thing I missed was a decent ice cream.

We returned via Bristol, the X1 was the bus, and took about 50 minutes. I got the time table wrong so instead of taking the 178 directly to Midsomer we went via the express bus to Bath and then onward home. A lovely day with such a bonus of not having to drive.

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