There are generous people around 25:49

So, our wonderful ladies have won the European football competition here in Wembley. 2-1.  This is a day for celebration but also as Ian Wright (x footballer) said this should be the start of gaining more recognition for the game starting with the lower levels.

I am winding down my day as I write. My hernia operation is to take place Tuesday morning less than 48 hours away so I am being quiet. Amazing what you can find on YouTube (and distressing what you cannot). Try this for a cheer up.  The Most GENEROUS Undercover bosses. After the ghastly daily events and promises of more to come this is a topic indeed.

I have been suffering from anxiety for some time, maybe because I over-fuss about the state of the world. Francoise is assisting with doing exercises. They are very simple but are very helpful for relaxation and breathing.

My car which was seen by a most helpful garage in Chippenham gives up the ghost electric-wise when it has been driving for about 20 minutes. I am seeing the local electrical wiz in whom I have put my faith. It has been four weeks since we have driven the car so in the meantime we have learned to adapt and use the buses more.