Egg on my face

So I call up the RAC to get them to tow me to Chippenham, where a Volvo dealer has agreed to sort out my grand old Volvo. I tried first thing this morning, last night and the night before that and the engine was as dead as a dodo. No power, no electrics.

I called the RAC about 9.30 am.  You get text messages every half hour to tell us of progress (or lack of it). At 2.45 pm they showed up.  I was lower down in the priority list as I was calling from home. They have staff difficulties at the moment. All with children are taking them on holiday. The agents themselves have 6 weeks holiday p.a. so who can blame them.

I tried the engine just before he arrived and blow me down it started perfectly. I had to admit this. He just about believed me. He did a code reading and as a result I was told of two intermittent faults. As the car was technically in running order he could not transport me to Chippenham.


I will live to see another day but tomorrow Thursday we shall attempt the journey.  If we break down on the way the RAC can tow me the rest of the distance.  Fingers crossed in advance.