An unexpectedly good day in Chippenham

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Today is the day when we have to have faith and determination. We are setting sail in our magnificent Volvo to a garage 26 miles away.  We left shortly after 9am. The engine fired up as normal.  I drove carefully and steadily, too carefully for some drivers whom I annoyed by going at a steady 40 mph.

Slowly but surely the electrics failed. All was lit at first, then we lost the rev counter, then the speedometer, then the petrol gauge followed by the auto gear box sync, then the indicators.  We were left only with the electric windows as we gently entered the forecourt and parked.

Chris Fortt, the After Sales manager of MRG Chippenham, was professionalism personified. He assured us that he would do his utmost to assist, whilst hinting that it was probably the main control module that would need to be replaced (£1,000 +). I am glad to pay that because second hand Volvos are almost non-existent. Everyone is hanging on to them or maybe they have all been taken to the scrap heap in the sky.

We wandered into the centre and found a coffee shop for coffee and morning snacks. We came across a very lively man called Mikey who was fully up to speed on all things 5G. He had just successfully complained against a new mast proposal outside a local school. We had 15-20 minutes of animated conversation. It is so lovely and empowering to meet someone on the same wavelength. He was from Liverpool and knew Mark Steel, the 5G campaigner from Newcastle. We discussed the use of Common Law. Mikey said that most courts do not understand it so it can be a waste of time and effort.

We then visited the local museum, incredibly well designed and informative. Chippenham goes back to Roman times (at least). There was an exhibition of etchings of such high quality I could hardly believe my eyes.

We then visited the wonderful and spacious St Andrews Church. We felt welcomed as soon as we walked in. The church was very wide. There were no pews but comfortable chairs. I talked with a very informative and accommodating volunteer. He said the Sunday morning services attracted between 80 and 90 people.  For some reason the Victorians had moved the organ from the rear of the church to an area to the left of the choir.  To move it back would cost about half a million pounds. Instead they are appealing for a rebuild of the organ in its present position. They need about £250,000

After a tour of various second hand (pre-loved) shops,  off to the bus station to check return buses. They are XX.10 and XX.40 but do go round all the back streets to pick up and drop off local passengers. We then went to Wetherspoons via a community hub and had a couple of drinks and a small lunch of fish and chips. I treated myself to an apple crumble with custard. It was rather flat as in having been sat on, having been bombarded with microwaves. It was delicious never the less.

To Bath on the bus X31 which we caught at a stop by the main train station. . We thought of going by train but at £10 single it had limited appeal so our bus passes won the day.  We had a coffee and cake down by the river. Trips on the River Avon last an hour and cost £11 for an adult so we shall do a trip in the not too distant future.

PS I love this video of a newscaster breaking out into laughter about a court case.

I really enjoyed today. We were free of worry about the car. They either fix it or we have them take it to the recycle. I don’t mind how modest a holiday is, it is the break from routine that is the gift. A sunny day helps.

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