Two bills on the same day


I hate receiving demands for money especially unexpected ones.

The first one was however expected. As my car is not working I have to rent a hire car for an event next weekend, 13th August.  I hire from a local firm. The day hire for the smallest car with one driver is £39.99 per day with unlimited mileage. We are responsible for the first £750 of damage. I must pay a £200 deposit which is refundable.

The second one was half expected. I had an accident in May and lost a no claims bonus from 20 years to 3 years. The new company have received the amended no claims bonus. I must pay another £176 including a £50 admin fee. My BIG mistake was not insuring the no claims bonus. We live and learn.

You wait ages for a bus and then three come along at once.  Something like that.