A day of resolution


Just finished watching a longer video (don’t let that put you off) about all aspects of the covid-19 virus. The more the time goes by, the more clarity is associated with the actual turn of events. Have a visit here.

Today I have solved two problems; my non-functioning printer and my semi-functioning mobile phone (OnePlus 6). My Epson Pixma printer would not work.  I just realised that if the colour cartridge is entirely empty the printer will not start, even if it is only black and white that is required. Solution – press the red button for at least five seconds.  This will cause the green continuity button to stop blinking and hey presto – printing can resume.

The other problem was far more annoying.  My mobile did not catch on to the Internet and stalled when trying to receive data. I received all sorts of error messages, time out warnings etc. I went along to a local mobile phone/internet shop and paid for a health check. £30 is not bad. I had no viruses but there were four apps that were suspicious and were removed.  When I got home the problem was still unsolved.

People say all sorts of things about YouTube but it is a valuable resource for advice on almost anything you care to name from cutting trees to repairing your car. I searched for my problem ‘mobile phone difficulty in connecting to internet One Plus’ and got a couple of videos back.  An Indian chap speaking very fast talked me through, suggesting I reset to the defaults (not factory reset). I did this on the SIM and on the software in general. Hey presto the whole thing worked like a rocket.  I had thought the signal strength was deficient but no that was not the problem.

Anyway I can breathe a sigh of relief.  Breathing is a very good idea with the weather set to be not far short of 40 degrees later this week.

The last major thing is my car. I returned it to Chippenham last Thursday and realistically I expected it to be started on yesterday Monday. We are managing fairly well but our allotment is over a mile away and it is tedious to have to walk to and fro in the heat. Lets hope I get ‘that phone call’ from the delightful Chris to tell me they are making progress. I am prepared to pay more than £1000 for a new control modem.

I can’t believe how the second hand car market has changed in the last couple of years.  There is virtually nothing left unless you have £10k to spend. Maybe the government have been buying up old cars. I would not put anything past them.