My regular eye(lea) injection at RUH in Bath

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I rang my garage in Chippenham to find out that the central control module on my Volvo was indeed defunct, so I gave the go-ahead for a new one which may be sourced locally (overnight) or from Sweden (six days). It is indeed a relief to have a positive diagnosis. I guess the bill will be £1500

For those of you who are not my regular readers I have wet macular degeneration in my left eye and need treatment to stabilize it. It is very rare for isuch conditions to reverse  but 43 injections at regular intervals for the past 5 years have certainly prevented degeneration.

The macula in the human eye is the place where light is focused by the structures in the front of the eye (cornea & lens). It takes the picture that is sent to the brain, where vision is completed. The macula provides us with the ability to read and see in great detail whereas the rest of the retina provides peripheral vision.

I turned up early for my 12.00 appointment – actually at 11.45. I was immediately seen for my appraisal which took about 5 minutes. Whilst in the waiting room I met a chap who seemed nervous. He nearly fell over backwards when I told him this was my 43rd injection. It turned out it was only his third. I assured him about the quality and reliability of service. He joked about his imaginings of what the procedure was like when compared with the reality of the actual injection.

The consultant was very gentle, kept talking during the procedure, and before I know it it was done. I know it because I see soap bubbles in my eyes. I was out by 12.10

Before hopping on the bus to Bath itself I enjoyed lunch at the re-opened restaurant.  During the ***demic only the staff were allowed to use it but now it is open to all and sundry.  I had roast pork and apple with roast potatoes and various greens including brussel sprouts together with a delicious brad and butter pudding for £9.10. A bit more than I expected. Evidently the vegetables are now charged for separately.

It is good to see plenty of foreign tourists in the city. I indulged myself by having an Italian ice-cream, a large slice of carrot cake and a very good coffee. The weather was hot to very hot but with the maximum temperatures happening Friday and Saturday.

Back home on the 174, a shower, and the last part of the day spent doing very little (I don’t count writing this diary).

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