Oh – the pain and discomfort…

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Once the anesthetic has worn off the intervention – inguinal hernia – made itself known to me. Me lying down is alright, standing up is alright, going from a sitting or lying position to standing up is a real pain. I am having medication such as paracetamol and codeine but it doesn’t seem to help much. I have to do everything very slowly. I dropped something on the ground and had to get a gripper to pick it up.

We are only 48 hours after the operation which took place or should I say finished at about 4 p.m. Friday so these are very early days and I must not complain or be too impatient. I am concerned that I will be able to leave on Thursday for 3 nights in the capitol, London. There won’t be much actual walking as we shall take the bus to Bath and then the coach to Victoria Station. The 5G effects are much greater in London so I hope I don’t get too whacked.

There is a huge amount on in London including the Greenwich carnival which goes on for some days but I must not crucify myself. Today I missed the mid Somerset show which is on in in Shepton Mallet and which I visit every year. To make up for not going I did a mental tour of the whole thing and reread my diaries.

We need to go this weekend because Francoise has got her appointment with the French Embassy to renew her passport obviously without which no travel can happen. And I am also due to see a good friend on Friday evening.

Fingers crossed and I look forward to an improvement in my condition at least sufficient to be able to go there.

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