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So, we have 1,000 illegal immigrants entering our shores each DAY.
We have to find the wherewithal to sustain them (£5million a day).
We have oil companies making ridiculous profits whilst we pay record prices for petrol.
We have threats of up to £6,200 p.a. for gas and electricity.
We have food scarcity and price increases.
We have strikes of barristers, the port workers, train drivers.
We have police that do not focus on arresting people.
We have slow motion bio-weapons disguised as vaccines that are killing thousands.
We have the destruction of the NHS.
We have the deliberate culling of animals and the wilding of farms
We have the rise of wokeness and those students who must be protected from anything that might offend or upset them (poor darlings).
We have the premature introduction of sexual deviation at schools

If a new society is to arise then the old one must be demolished. It IS being demolished.

Make no mistake. Many will die. That is the intention. Its called population reduction or ‘eugenics’ to you and I. If you want to know more, look up ‘The Great Reset’ wither on my site or elsewhere. The Great Reset was launched 2nd April 2020 and will continue until 2030 when ‘we will own nothing and be happy’.

If ever there was a time for faith, and the building of character, then this is the time. How can I tell my allotment members that their food will be raided this time next year.  They will abuse me. If they don’t get it by now then they will never get it so there is no point in opening my mouth.

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