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Logistics- Thursday 25th August we departed from Bath by the 10 am 403 coach arriving London Victoria 1.20 pm.  There are various combinations of stops, some taking longer than others. Our stops were Box, Chippenham and Heathrow. Sunday 28th August we returned by the 6pm coach from Victoria Station arriving 9.02 pm just in time to catch the local bus to our stop, two streets away from our home.  The cost of the travel was £40 for us two.

Whilst in London I used my credit card (NB no need to buy transport tickets). There is a daily cap depending on the relevant travel zones so don’t worry about taking too many buses, tubes or trams or buses. You can check your expenditure on your bank app. if you have an android or similar phone.  Our Freedom Passes qualify us for free bus travel nation-wide.

We had not over-planned as I knew that ‘nature abhors a vacuum’ and sure enough this proved to be true.  We had two obligatory visits. One to my oldest friend Gregory where we meet in a restaurant, the other one was for Francoise to make an application for her french passport renewal. This duly took place at 12.00 on Friday. After that we were as free as a bird to do as we wished.

Haverstock Hill is  part of the very high end property market where you wont get a decent sized flat or house for under £600k. Houses advertised at £1.5m and up are commonplace.

It was a joy to be in the company of so many well off and positive people particularly men who were out enjoying themselves over the bank holiday weekend. This is something I miss very much. A part of me still resides in London but having said that I would not return to live there – unless I had a whole pile of money. Everyone is stressed – by everyone else.

Food – the prices are skyrocketing. It is common to pay £4.95 for a slice of cake.  Meals are very suspicious.  Some have gone to great lengths to make an ordinary dish sound attractive. I was offered Mexican street food with chicken, but the bits of chicken were so small they could barely be tasted.  It was wonderful to sit in the vastly expanded Brixton Market, justifiably world famous. A wonderful selection of fresh fish were offered at prices that we can only dream of locally. If there were less than 100 different nationalities represented I would be amazed.

The South Bank of London is as you would expect of the holiday weekend was full of stalls selling food. People were out enjoying themselves; very few people wore face coverings AKA masks.  We visited Somerset House on the north bank and had a go at the large wheel, about half the size of the London Eye on the South Bank.

It was great to get away from routine and enjoy London before further deterioration makes ‘life as we know it’ impossible. Remember folks, its by design.   As they say ‘prepare to meet thy God’

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