The destruction of our planet – ssshhh – don’t tell anyone

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My over-riding pre-occupation  is watching the orchestrated destruction of our planet by various underhand and nefarious means. the plans have been going on since the agreement in Rio, Brazil, in 1992.  The latest and most under-estimated method is by geo-engineering. I am watching as  I type. The ‘one in 1000 years’ drought or ‘one in a thousand deluge’ can only happen by premeditation and the use of technology. If you think I am exaggerating, have a  look at Mike Adam’s interview with Dane Wigington of

I went to Wetherspoons yesterday for breakfast. I find the style far from appetizing. there is no disguising the fact that it is production line stuff. I feel it is cooked without love.  The taste lingers in my stomach and it is not pleasant. Back to home cooking.

This morning I had a large piece of lamb’s liver which I diced and had with 2 eggs. That fills me up for the morning and indeed most of the afternoon. I am happy with two decent meals per day.

But enough!  This is the last day of the holidays for many. Back to school for the children. We went off to do some more blackberry picking. They are so fresh and sweet.  This evening we shall cook a blackberry and apple pie.

We are both physically tired so are looking forward to a short break. Destination and timing unconfirmed but it will happen.

Each year around the 7th of September there is a misty smell in the air which means that autumn has arrived. Off with the shorts. On with the long trousers. On with the jerseys. On with the central heating (if I can afford it)



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