Near Death Experience, and a day meeting people

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If you are the slightest bit ‘down’ then do watch this video.  We all believe in ‘life after death’ but this is a living breathing example of the reality.

So today, a lovely sunny Saturday, we became part of the Somerset art trail, which takes place for a roughly one week period in the Autumn.

We first went to Shepton Mallet to the prison to see promised works by artists. However we got the dates wrong so left empty handed so to speak.
We visited the nearby church of St Peter and St Paul to see an installation called ‘The Gleaning’. We had the privilege of meeting with Rev Gil Sakakini who is one of only two appointees to merge artistic aspects of the cumming with what is going on in the Church (of England).  We immediately clicked and we talked of structural changes that were taking place or could take place in the church today. I left promising to make time for a professional sharing of public relations and associated matters.

We then went on to visit Rowena, a talented artist bought up in a gypsy family and who left school at 11 to ‘do something useful’. She has adapted very well to the stresses and strains of the current situation and has never even contemplated having ‘the jab’.   Her colleague Jade showed me his brand new website  with the very original name of
Do have a look. It is brilliant and original. I told him I thought he would do well in America.

Off to Pilton (near Glastonbury) to visit a combined social and activity centre, and then to Penelope O’Gara showing and exhbition entitled strangely  ‘The Itinerant Bizarrium”. She was a set designer for the theatre and specialised in macabre ghostly like figures which fitted in remarkably well with the church, St Peters of Evercreech. Unfortunately this bouncy and jolly lady had had the vax. She was put under pressure as she did not want to transmit anything to her disabled son (now 30 but who had been hit in a ‘bike vs car’ accident when he was 15. She may have received a more innocuous version i.e. saline solution. Some think that all the vaccines had graphene but the balance of evidence that these loaded viruses are more likely to be associated with the booster shots.

A rather depressing forecast from Deagal, estimating that the population of the UK and the USA  will be
United Kingdom  14,517,860 (2025) from 63,390,000 (2017)
United States of America  99,553,100 (2025) from 316,440,000 (2017)
view more details here.

On that note…..


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