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I always follow my instincts when it comes to travel. I got the idea lat Friday that we should do a brief visit to Cardiff in Wales.   It is quite close to us. As the crow flies it is 32 miles but more like 55 miles by car. We debated whether to go by car or take a coach from Bristol. The latter would take door to door about 3 hours 30 minutes and would cost £32 return for two.  We decided to do the car option which took just over an hour.

We found an hotel, a Travelodge in the Cardiff Bay area.  See my long review on Trip Advisor

I had totally underestimated the amount of time effort and money that had been invested in this town, the capital of Wales.  We visited on the way the Museum of Welsh Life. It is on a 110 acre area and gives a living and vivid account of what life was like in the old days.  We went round the formal exhibition halls then went round the gardens (huge and varied) then realized that we would need to visit again to take it all in.  This we did on the last morning after checking out.

The bay area has a modern opera house of beautiful design. The main area – the old town center – has a variety of markets and shopping centers. I totally recommend the old fashioned market. The shopping centers  I found soulless and we only stayed there a short time. In one of the markets I had what I can only call a gourmet meal
starters – mixed sea food with oil £3.45
Main course – lasagna  – one of the have have ever tasted £3.90
Sweet course – rhubarb and cherry cake – the best I have ever had  £2.70
For less than a tenner I was totally satisfied with beautifully cooked and presented food.  Well done all.

I find the Welsh people alert, intelligent and quick witted.  They remind me of Liverpudlians.  I engaged in many conversations with random strangers and enjoyed it enormously.

The weather was kind to us if a little breezy but for late September who is complaining.

Our energy readings conducted before and after showed a small improvement but really we need a couple of weeks aggressively doing nothing to fully charge our batteries.


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